Pay Per Click

Pay per Click is an exciting way to build your web business and is the fastest growing method web advertising and in the hands of a Pay per Click professional company such as SEO Advisors it is a very cost effective marketing tool.

Pay per Click advertising is the only quick way you can be assured that your website will be viewed within days of setting up the Pay per Click campaign. To ensure your Pay per Click campaign has been thoroughly researched and set up correctly you need the services of a proven successful Pay per Click company and working closely with a Pay per Click Company as SEO Advisors.

Unfortunately Pay per click success is not as simple as applying standard formulas to individual keyword statistics if it was that simple every client managing a Pay per click campaign would be delighted with their results and there would be no need for Pay per click professionals to offer advice and to manage Pay per Click campaigns.

Pay per Click campaigns requires a very detailed analysis of the data and the keywords used by searchers.
Pay per Click on search engines such as Google Add Words advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their intended target audience. This means that the phrases are open to bid against your competitors and you are effectively waging a competitive war with your competitors to win the phrase at the lowest achievable price. Naturally new players can enter the Pay per Click arena at any time and you must face the fact that you will be outbid or against stiff competition especially for the most popular key phrases.

Pay per Click ads are displayed when a keyword query on the search engine matches the advertisers keyword list such advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads.

Many Pay per Click providers exist, Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft adcenter are the three largest internet Pay per Click operators, and all three operate under a bid-based keyword model. The cost per click [CPC] will vary from one search engine to another and is dependent upon the level of competition for that particular keyword and traffic levels for each search engine. Google Ad words is by far the more costly Pay per Click operator but as nearly 85% of all searches are made on Google it’s not surprising they cost more as they demand a higher position in terms of users and searchers in the UK.

Other forms of Pay per Click exist such as Content advertising where content pages displays relevant ads Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

Pay per Click advertising used to be accused of click fraud this is where competitors would attempt to exhaust your credit by repeatedly clicking on your ad so as to use up your daily funds. This has been prevented by automated systems which prevent such abuse by recording the IP address and other techniques to monitor click rates and to discount them and report potential abuse of Pay per Click customers.

Pay per Click has proven to be a cost effective medium of online advertising as more and more visitors never go past the first page on the search engine results. Research has shown that if users are looking to purchase something, they will pay more attention to the results of their search and if your ad is displayed in the sponsored listings area as part of your Pay per Click campaign you stand a much better chance of gaining the client to your site for the modest cost of a few pound depending upon the bid price of the search phrase.

Pay per Click campaigns need close monitoring to ensure that money is not wasted and that the key words are valued correctly for optimum return.

All Pay per Click campaigns require a monthly budget and a Pay per Click company that knows what to do and has the experience that your Pay per Click Campaign needs to succeed which is why you need SEO Advisors.

Pay per Click can work for your business if you make sure you receive the right advice in the first instance and not waste money and time by guesswork.