Pay Per Click Marketing

The internet offers a number of choices to market your business online, organic versus paid search, affiliate marketing to name a few.

SEO Advisor are paid search Specialists. By ‘paid search’ we refer using pay per click as a marketing vehicle to dirve traffic to your site. We assist companies by offering our experience in running paid advertising campaigns for our clients to maximse there budgetary power and receive the very best return on thier advertising investment.

Our Pay Per Click Marketing will give your the advantages of having an an “inhouse team” of PPC experts to:

* Monitor and maintain a successful campaign to promote your web site on the pay-per-click search engines and their network of partner sites.
* setting up a PPC campaign from scratch on the two most popular services, Google AdWord and Yahoo!
* Improve the Return on Investment of your PPC campaigns
* Improve your ad click-through and conversion rates
* Create effective landing pages,
* measure campaign effectiveness,
* conduct split testing and
* tweak your campaigns for better performance.
* Add appropriate keywords and phrases that are geared specifically towards your particular niche markets