PPC Pricing Models

SEO Advisors offer a range of ppc pricing models.

Percentage of total spend
Advantage: agency has incentive to find more keywords
Disadvantage: agency has incentive to send any traffic

By Number of Keyword Managed
Advantage: Fixed cost
Disadvantage: Inflexible, Advertiser can miss out on ‘long tail traffic’

Per Visitor
This is a common ‘additional fee’ for clients, who are using a 3rd party conversion tracking system.

Time (hourly rate) and materials
Advantage: For clients with large budgets this is a cheaper option that a percentage. More of a ‘professional service’ than ppc management.
Disadvantage: For lower budget clients this option may prove too expensive.

Percentage of Sales
Agency takes a percentage of total sales.
Advantage: Agency has vested interest in doing all they can for an advertiser.
Disadvantage: Agency must trust the tracking system in place AND needs an airtight contract so that a client can’t take their account away after the initial optimisation.

New for 2009

SME Pricing Model Flexible, transparent solution

* £599 pcm ppc management fee.
* FLEXIBLE – One month rolling contract, fast campaign set up, no tie
* Google AdWords Qualified campaign management.
* Online reporting updated hourly, accessible 24/7
* Weekly email report.